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Readers Respond: Which Celebrity Would You Most Like to See a Line of Shoes From?

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From the article: Jessica Simpson Shoes
Jessica Simpson, Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Reba McEntire are just a few of the celebrities to have launched shoe collections, and I've no doubt that there are more celebrity shoe lines to come. But the question is, whose name will we be wearing on our feet next year, or even the year after that?

I have a few celebrities that I think should lend their names, and maybe even their sense of style, to the world of footwear, but I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

Would you like to see yourself in a pair of Oprah open-toed pumps? Or would you prefer to slip into a pair of Britney boots or Miley mules?

I'd buy these...

Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, Britney Spears to name a few.
—Guest Soldierboy07

Adam Lambert Converse Sneaks!!!!

My fav artist and my fav shoes, all in one. Ah! Heaven.
—Guest Angelknows

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