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Readers Respond: Who Makes the Sexiest Shoes?

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From the article: Sexy Shoes
Who makes the sexiest shoes? I guess it depends on who you ask. Some women swear by designers like Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik, while other women prefer brands like Guess or Carlos by Carlos Santana.

Now I'd like to hear your thoughts on the topic.

When you're looking for sexy shoes is there a certain brand or designer you turn to first?

Use the form below to share your thoughts on who makes the sexiest shoes, and read what others had to say on the issue. Share Your Thoughts

Men of course

Men know what is sexy to them, makes sense they would make the sexiest shoes.
—Guest Dan

Sexy but wearable

I have to say Nine West are the sexiest on me. I like the look of Guess but they never fit right.

Who makes the sexiest shoes?

Jessica Simpson! I am too tall for them but I love looking at them!
—Guest Neezo719

Christina LK Boots

My friend and I bought Sonia Gray ankle boots and their Classic Knee high boots. They are hot and sexy. I think that majority of their boots are very hot. I might buy their tear drop ankle boots when I see it on sale.

Sexy shoes

I think the sexiest brands to see women wearing are American Eagle, Sandler, Nine West and RMK.
—Guest Matt L

My favorite is Nine West

I'd have to say Nine West for great, sexy looking heels and comfort.
—Guest Ann

Sexy Shoes?

Shoes can be as cute as they want but if you don't wear them well, it doesn't matter does it? It's not so much the sex appeal of the shoes, but the person WEARING the shoes.
—Guest Angelknows

CL's baby!

Christian Louboutin all day. Shoes are to die for, but are a bit on the expensive side. Well worth it though.
—Guest PoloBandit


I would have to say GUESS or Betsey Johnson. They always make really awesome stiletto heels!
—Guest niki


The Leslie Shoe Company. Very Sexy. Their shoes always fit very well, look absolutely fabulous, and they are very affordable.
—Guest Elizabeth


Sure all the big name designer shoes are sexy, but are they affordable for most of us? Not! I sure see some sexy shoes made by Candies and at guess what?! I can afford them!
—Guest Mrs Perez


I think Betsy Johnson, Jessica Simpson, & BCBGirls make the sexiest shoes.

Jimmy Choo

My girlfriend wears a lot of Jimmy Choo shoes and I got to say, they look really hot.
—Guest toddburns81

Tough Question, but I think ...

It has to be Casadei. It seems like every time I'm shopping for shoes, and I see a pair I really want they're from Casadei, and of course that means I can't afford them. Gina shoes are really hot too.
—Guest GIGIandLOLA

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Who Makes the Sexiest Shoes?

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