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Readers Respond: Wearing Shoes in the House

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Stop dividing based on nationality

I think that people should use their judgement when entering a home. If the floors are immaculate, then take your shoes off. If the floors are filthy and look like they will attract as many germs as walking barefoot outdoors keep them on. Following cultural customs out of respect is fine, but this is a personal thing, like an individual human right. To say well this is how my culture or people do it, so this must be the only right way is rude and offensive. Be respectful if you want people to respect you, down to whether they remove their shoes or not in your house. That being said I was raised in America, and it depended on the person or family. I am offended by the assumption that ALL Americans leave their shoes on and are inconsiderate of others is the norm. Please try to remember, that we also have our own customs and do our own thing. It just so happens that we are diverse, and have many customs due to many different peoples living here.
—Guest jenna

If shoes were meant to be worn inside...

then why do we even bother carpeting or tiling our floors? We should just have dirt or plain concrete floors in our homes, right? Perhaps we should just revert back the "caveman" days when women were dragged around by their hair and grunting sounds served as communication. It sickens me to think people are too lazy to take off their shoes when entering ones home. Or worse: believe it's "rude" or "improper" to be asked not to track dirt and grime into ones home.
—Guest Jessica


It is one of my pet peeves that people do not take there shoes off. Do I need to see a shrink or what?
—Guest Germs

It's disrespectful

It is totally disrespectful, when I spend 5-6 hours (maybe more) cleaning house, (which includes mopping my floors) for people to walking in the house with muddy, wet, snowy or just plain dirty shoes! We have children who basically live at floor level at this time in their lives. Not to mention it's just disrepectful to the person who cleans the home!

Where the problem starts

I live in Estonia, Northern Europe and I don't know anyone who keeps their shoes on at home. People who say that feet without dirty shoes are even filthier are just plain stupid. We should look at the fact why some people have fungus or other diseases on their feet. It's because they wear shoes all the time and that is unhealthy. When I'm at work and wear my shoes for 8 hours in the house I actually get very unconfortable and when possible take them off. I don't get how people are comfortable wearing shoes all the time. When I get home, one of the most relaxing things - taking your shoes off after a long day at work. And my feet are healthy and I can't see that feet diseases or fungus is problem amongst people who I know. It's because taking shoes off keeps these problems away. So what's wrong with keeping your feet healthy and comfortable? Take your shoes off!
—Guest chrisssss

Shoes off!

Of course, my rule is: shoes off. In Bosnia and Herzegovina (ex Yugoslav Republic) it is normal!
—Guest Aidda

Take your shoes off

Are people stupid or do they just think they can come inside and walk on my carpet? Even though they are new or clean it's a traditional for the maori cultures.
—Guest shontay morunga

Wish my parents didn't

My husband and I adamantly don't wear shoes in the house. My parents on the other hand...They wear their shoes at home, and I can't seem to get them to take off their shoes at my house either. Drives me up the wall! (and to those who say that wearing shoes indoors in Canada is unheard of - I wish! I am in Canada!)
—Guest Michelle

I keep mine on!

I see no issue in me wearing my sneakers in the house. I have both carpet and wood flooring which, although I have a dog, is kept as clean as possible. I have several pairs of sneakers and boots, ones used for walking the dog, work or for wearing about outside are removed and changed for my house sneakers. My mom used to drive me nuts with her shoes off and slippers on rules but since the age of 15 I've found that unless i'm in my sneakers I feel totally naked and uncomfortable. That said however I am a polite and well mannered guest, I'd ask if you would like for me to remove my sneakers if I were to visit and I'd very happily comply with the rules of my host. Just hope your floor is as clean as you state. No pet hair or half chewed baby rusks to trail back into my shoes. :) After much reading up on the subject of shoes off I have given the idea some serious thought. It is just that 15+ years of sneakers on unless in bed is a hard habit to break.
—Guest Stallion-R

Busy Americans have no time

Taking off shoes, putting them on = time. Plus, if I come in the back door, the next day I can' find my shoes at the front door. Plus, I have probably 10 pairs of footwear. How would people walk around them by the entranceway?
—Guest Busy

Remove Outdoor Footwear

Everyone knows that Asians rule the world so I say we should follow their lead and remove our outdoor footwear. Great idea!
—Guest Elizabeth

Shoes OFF!!!

I do not get why someone coming into a house with dirty, muddy, sandy, poopy shoes would ever want to walk on my freshly cleaned floors. Don't tell me that it takes too much time, or that the bacteria will build up on your feet. No. The next thing you know you have a brownish color to your carpet because of that person and your hardfloors are gravely and grimy. That's gross! It's not rude to ask them to take them off. It's rude that the person is now forcing you to waste your time and money cleaning the floors because they didn't care at all! My rule= SHOES OFF!!!!
—Guest No shoes

Walking Barefoot in Skirts and Stockings

As a learning challenged male, I love to walk barefoot in a skirt and pantyhose. For me, I am culturally sensitive towards my own home. I sense of bride and loyalty works both ways. When I enter another women's house I too wear skirts, the stockings but no heels or shoes. It is about repect and I love to walk barefoot any way with other women.
—Guest guest Michael Canada

House Shoes

I don't wear shoes in my house either, only when I'm drunk.
—Guest HouseShoes

I don't wear shoes in my house

I think Its very dirty to wear shoes in your home. You walk the street with those shoes and you never know what you step in to, and bring in to your house. In the Netherlands where I'm from it's not so normal to take off your shoes, but I don't care. This is very important to me and my boyfriend. I clean the floor every day, this is becouse we have a 16-month old child. So anyone who doesn't respect taking off their shoes, can not come into our house. I can not believe some people walk with their shoes on into their home!!! Iiieeeeeee
—Guest Loony

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