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Readers Respond: Wearing Shoes in the House

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No Shoes

I was born in Israel and no one there wore shoes. I now live in the US, and I just check if it is all right with my hosts for me to take my shoes off. I feel strange wearing them inside. I also HATE wearing shoes. At home, my parents tell any guests to take off their shoes. (I'm 13)
—Guest Jon

Just be clean

I don't like people in and out public toilet with their shoes, then in and out of my house with them!! My house is my heaven. I love feeling comfort and clean within it.
—Guest Vini

Barefoot in house

I ask my female guests to remove their shoes in my house. I think it makes everyone feel more comfortable.
—Guest saralyn

In Sweden we want to have clean homes

Here in Sweden we always take our shoes off at the door mat. I started to search about this when watching American TV shows where they walk straight into the home from the outside. It must be something like washing your hands after the toilet visit, something you just must learn as a kid.
—Guest Marko

Bare feet for me!

Never wear shoes in the house, feels much more comfy in my bare feet. Love dancing in my bare feet too, especially doing the twist!
—Guest Stacy

Shoes off always!

I love taking my shoes off where ever I can. Men say I have cute little toes, especially when I got to work in the morning with my tights on and slip off my shoes in the train. Guys always look at my feet, and I can usually see that some of them have a stiffy! lol
—Guest Pippa


Taking my shoes off once I come into the house is part of my culture ^_*
—Guest A

Never wear shoes in house

For anyone saying they would feel offended being asked to take off their shoes, you should be embarassed for not having the courtesy to take them off. Think of everything you step on during the day and the public restrooms you enter. It is absolutely astounding that people people wouldn't take a second and remove their shoes. It's one thing if you want to live in filth but you shouldn't assume other people are ok with it.
—Guest Jack

Shoes off here. Absolutely

We are in the UK and I grew up in a strict shoes off house. It is second nature for me to change from shoes to slippers at the door. The same goes for my partner. When we visit we take our slippers with us. At home we do ask our guests to remove their shoes. Most of them bring slippers to wear.
—Guest mark

Shoes off here!

I never wear my shoes in the house, always take them off at the door, unless I'm not staying in very long. I think it's uncomfortable to wear outdoor shoes indoors (much prefer slippers!) and I would be scared to put my feet on my sofa or bed for fear of getting them dirty and Mum yelling at me! However, we don't have a strict rule for guests - they can choose to keep them on or off, and most keep them on. If I go over to someone else's house... it depends. If I go over to my Auntie's or my Granddad's, then I take slippers with me to wear, as they are strict shoe-off people (especially my Auntie who's extremely house-proud!) However, if I'm going over to a friend's or stranger's house, I usually keep them on unless I am going up to their bedroom or something, then I'd take them off so I didn't get their bedroom/bed dirty. I think there are good reasons for both ways. PS: I live in the UK
—Guest SReah

Shoes worn here

My floors are tile, hard wood and my rugs are easy to wash or clean. All my floors are capable of having a good scrubbing and look lovely. I have three dogs, three cats, I garden and I'm in and out all day long. It would be ridiculous for me to remove my shoes every time I came back in the house. And how about the pets? They can't remove their paws. I would be deeply offended if I was told to remove my shoes to go into someone's home. I have arthritis in my feet, a bad back and an ankle replacement. I would not enter their house. My home is welcoming, comfortable and clean. How on earth could someone ask an 85-year-old woman, such as my mother-in-law who has had a stroke and uses a walking frame, to remove her shoes?! Germs are not bad, we evolved with them. I'm a Brit living in the US.

Why I think Canadians take shoes off

I was born and raised in Italy where we don't take our shoes off, now 23 years living in Canada it's not only normal for me to take my shoes of but preferable. However, I've always wondered why in Canada we take shoes off but Americans, Italians, and many other countries don't. And the only thought I could come up with that makes sense to me... is simply the weather. In Canada we get much more snow than the US (and Italy as well) so I believe we take our shoes off because of all the salt that we'd be dragging into our/others' houses... after so long it just became a natural and respectful custom that we practice... but that's just my opinion :)
—Guest Melz

omg yes!

Well I'm so happy I'm not alone in my way of thinking. I don't ever use shoes in my house at all -- ewww! I mean basically your shoes are always full of all types of germs. :( I'm a clean freak, especially since I have two running toddlers :)
—Guest lila

Quite a change...

We started removing our shoes after our little ones were able to be on the floor. The idea of coming in from outside and tramping all sorts of germs into the carpet for our lovely daughters to crawl in grossed me out! It was quite a change for our family and friends. They were use to coming over and leaving their shoes on. I leave a cute little sign outside the door reminding friends and family to remove their shoes. It seems that removing your shoes is "catching on" here in the States. A lot if my friends are doing it. On cold days I always have a pair of socks with me on play dates, to meet their request and keep my toes warm
—Guest Angela

Put your slippers on!

Growing up I was always told to put my slippers on when getting home. I would ask mum why? She would say"wait until you get your own house and family." She was right. We all wear slippers and guests are asked to bring theirs as well. When visiting, we all change from shoes to slippers when we arrive. Thankfully this is the norm here.
—Guest Gaz

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Wearing Shoes in the House

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