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Readers Respond: Wearing Shoes in the House

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Remove Outdoor Footwear

Everyone knows that Asians rule the world so I say we should follow their lead and remove our outdoor footwear. Great idea!
—Guest Elizabeth

Shoes OFF!!!

I do not get why someone coming into a house with dirty, muddy, sandy, poopy shoes would ever want to walk on my freshly cleaned floors. Don't tell me that it takes too much time, or that the bacteria will build up on your feet. No. The next thing you know you have a brownish color to your carpet because of that person and your hardfloors are gravely and grimy. That's gross! It's not rude to ask them to take them off. It's rude that the person is now forcing you to waste your time and money cleaning the floors because they didn't care at all! My rule= SHOES OFF!!!!
—Guest No shoes

Walking Barefoot in Skirts and Stockings

As a learning challenged male, I love to walk barefoot in a skirt and pantyhose. For me, I am culturally sensitive towards my own home. I sense of bride and loyalty works both ways. When I enter another women's house I too wear skirts, the stockings but no heels or shoes. It is about repect and I love to walk barefoot any way with other women.
—Guest guest Michael Canada

House Shoes

I don't wear shoes in my house either, only when I'm drunk.
—Guest HouseShoes

I don't wear shoes in my house

I think Its very dirty to wear shoes in your home. You walk the street with those shoes and you never know what you step in to, and bring in to your house. In the Netherlands where I'm from it's not so normal to take off your shoes, but I don't care. This is very important to me and my boyfriend. I clean the floor every day, this is becouse we have a 16-month old child. So anyone who doesn't respect taking off their shoes, can not come into our house. I can not believe some people walk with their shoes on into their home!!! Iiieeeeeee
—Guest Loony

Shoes off in Canada

I can't imagine wearing shoes inside. I live in Canada and I've never met anyone who wears their shoes inside. When people visit someone else's home, they just automatically take off their shoes. For those people that do wear shoes inside, what about when it's raining, or in the winter? I feel bad enough tracking snow and mud around the entrance of my house, and that's just linoleum!
—Guest Kait

I always ask my clients

I clean houses for a living, my first question is always should I take off my shoes? People always look at me like I'm weird, not one client of mine prefers me to take off my shoes. In the USA people don't care.
—Guest K

I prefer slippers

Shoes do not work for me inhouse, especially in the winter. Only fuzzy slippers get me through the winter.
—Guest Jo-Anne

Shoes in the house = FILTHY!!!

I'm not sure what Americans your have talked to, but I am an American and have never worn shoes in the house. It's filthy! I moved abroad to Europe and people here think of nothing of trudging their filth into our home. I can't imagine how people think that it is ok, at the very least I wish that people would ask. I never knew anyone from my over 30 years living in the states that wore shoes in their home. Maybe it was just were I came from (the Northeast)?
—Guest Mary

Do you know how dirty your shoes are?

As a rule growing up and in my current household, we do not wear shoes in our home. A recent study showed that shoes track in more dirt and germs than a 5 public toilets, want one of those in your home hanging around in various rooms? Also, I have dark hardwood newer floors and heels not only scratch, but gouge holes into the wood. Although many of my friends, especially when entertaining, insist that people keep thier shoes on, I make sure that myself and my family always remove our shoes in other peoples' homes and hope that they will do the same in mine. I always keep a basket of fresh laundered slippers at my front entrance in all sizes!
—Guest Reema

Shoes off

I love to go barefoot. I have my kids go barefoot too, they just love it. We go barefoot in the yard, in the house, almost anywhere. They don't mind, like me or my husband. So I definitely say kick your shoes off and go barefoot.
—Guest bob


I tend to take my shoes off when I go inside, but that's really because I dislike wearing shoes in the first place... my house is free for all... wear your shoes if you want, take 'em off if you don't. Most people where I live don't really care too much, as long as your shoes are clean (just been shoveling manure, off; spent all day at school, doesn't matter). Upstate NY btw.
—Guest Calico Jack

We don't wear shoes in the house

I was brought up in a shoes off house, as was my husband. In our experience here the majority of people prefer that shoes be removed. We wear slippers and also when we visit friends and family we take a pair with us. The alternative is to have cold feet, as wearing shoes is not option. Growing up, shoes came off at the door, we do it as a family now, and my children automatically remove their shoes when visting as I have always done, and if required we change into our slippers.
—Guest oli

Like mother like daughter

I grew up in a strict shoes off house. My mother would have us change from shoes to slippers at the door. I remember rebelling against this in my teens and she said to wait until I had my own house and family. She was absolutely right with my own family. We wear slippers in the house and we ask our guests to remove their shoes. Our expensive carpets are still unmarked, and when we visit friends we always take our shoes off unless directed to do otherwise.
—Guest lianna

Wearing Shoes In The House Is Wrong

I don't get it. Wearing the same shoes in the house that you wear outside? Stepping on mud and poop and bringing it in? No way! There is a cool article that breaks it all down here too on wearing shoes in the house.
—Guest John

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Wearing Shoes in the House

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