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Readers Respond: How Do You Feel About Wearing Used Shoes?

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From the article: Vintage Shoes
The thought of wearing used shoes may be unpleasant to some, but to others, discovering the perfect pair of vintage shoes is tantamount to finding the Holy Grail.

How do you feel about wearing used shoes? Share Your Thoughts

Not that bad...

I suggest cleaning them, before wearing them. I just gave away my Gucci heels to my friend, whom I've known for 2 years. For free. I think it doesn't really matter if they've been worn... unless it has been more than 2 times!
—Guest Naomi

Reduce, REUSE, Recycle

I agree that any bacteria, etc. is long gone; and many good gently used shoes are already sprayed with a disinfectant. I always give them a good looking over, of course! I have many very good shoes for less than half the price and some that are no longer made e.g. Selby! And then there is always, reduce, REUSE, recycle!!
—Guest susan


Been dressed by Goodwill et al. since I arrived in the U S in 1969. Shoes? Wash them, spray with alcohol... never caught athletes foot, plantar warts or anything else. Why wear Walmart if you can afford top line stuff some spoiled person got bored with?
—Guest Alita Kelley


I would NEVER buy used shoes. I can't even tolerate being in an aisle of used shoes. It disturbs me that people wear second hand shoes. DISTURBS ME!
—Guest Pam

No Used Shoes

A lot of people will do this, I'm not one of them. I just cannot see buying shoes someone has worn. Especially expensive shoes which have insoles made to your feet. It defeats the purpose of the shoe.
—Guest j keen


We ask our guests to take off their shoes and we offer freshly laundered slippers. We also ask in advance that guests bring slippers. So when people visit us they get to wear clean but used slippers.
—Guest mark

Got athletes foot

I bought a vintage pair of shoes from value village and contracted athletes foot. Before putting on a pair of used shoes I suggest cleaning and disinfection them first.
—Guest hannananna

With caution

If they are nearly new (hardly worn) just spray them with a good product inside the shoe before wearing

Yes to used....

The only new shoes I purchase are sneakers and house slippers. All others are (slightly used) purchases. Disinfecting is the most important part when buying used shoes. (No exception, even when they look new.)

Not that bad

I think it's ok if you know the person, and the person only wore the shoes once or twice . Along with disinfecting and spraying them for foot fungus, they would be ok for you to wear.
—Guest Danny

Stretched for me

I buy nice used shoes because the leather is nicely stretched out. I can wear a size smaller in heels when they been worn before. Off course they have to be in good shape.

Be Responsible

If you never want to wear used shoes, I would expect you to only buy what you plan to wear until it is worn out. Otherwise you are planning to either throw away good shoes, keep what you don't need for yourself, or make someone of "lower station" wear your used shoes. And those options are unbelieveably selfish. I wear used shoes to compensate for selfish people who think they deserve the brand-new stuff all the time and others should accept their leftovers.
—Guest fairshare

Depends if it's Slipper or Shoes

I think it will all depend on whose shoes or slippers u are wearing. If I know the person and know that he/she keeps hygiene when it comes to their body and feet then i have no issues in wearing their footwear. However, in other cases it's yuukkkk...

I do wear & buy them

That's all I buy is used to trashed-out shoes, mainly sneakers. I like the broken in look. As fas as getting fungus or athlete's foot, I use Lysol.
—Guest Matt


I buy everything used. Cuts down on energy usage in production and saves space in the landfill. It's a bit sad that many of you can't get over such a weird paranoia and realize the bigger picture and how reduce REUSE recycle helps the planet.
—Guest lex

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How Do You Feel About Wearing Used Shoes?

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