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Readers Respond: How Do You Feel About Wearing Used Shoes?

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From the article: Vintage Shoes
The thought of wearing used shoes may be unpleasant to some, but to others, discovering the perfect pair of vintage shoes is tantamount to finding the Holy Grail.

How do you feel about wearing used shoes?

Gave it a go

I've bought clothes from a charity shop before but never shoes, always thought it was a bit of a dirty thing to do. Anyway I found a really good pair of boots. They were my size, they were quite worn but looked great. I tried them on and bought them. I've worn them loads, never disinfected them as I've always worn socks with them. I think if you get the right shoes it doesn't matter.
—Guest julie

Depends on how my hormones are

Depends, if my hormones are up then NO. If I'm hormonal and upset I would probably buy some. It's all in the state of mind. If you're feeling depressed, you're more likely to purchase some used shoes, compared to if you're on top of the moon, and you'll be like, "Eww disgusting. What was I thinking?" My hormones are to blame for this.
—Guest Anon

Yes all the time.

I always wear used shoes, it started in my college days. I've been doing it for 20 years now, it doesn't bother me at all. I always try and find the ones that are hardly worn, I never bother to disinfect them. I never tell any one I buy used.
—Guest kimberley

Absolutely Not

I think wearing used shoes is absolutely disgusting, your feet sweat more than any other part of your body. I feel sorry for those that choose to do it. I'd sooner give money to a charity.
—Guest becky

Had no choice

When I got my locker broken in to at the gym my only pair of Nike trainers had been stolen. After having to go barefoot playing badminton for a few weeks I had to get some more. I went in a charity and shop and found some trainers in my size. They were well used but bought them. I haven't thought about them being used, I would do it again without a doubt.
—Guest sue

I do it all the time

I must admit, I love buying used shoes, they always fit good. I love buying heels and boots, I never disinfected them though. I've never had any problems with fungus. I really love a bargain and can't remember the last time I bought a brand new pair.
—Guest joan

Used Trainers

Hi there, with the recession on at the moment I haven't had much spare cash and recently found the trainers in a charity shop. They looked like they had been worn a few times. I smelt them (gross i know) they smelt ok. I bought them, I disinfected them and now wear them all the time. I would do this again.
—Guest sarah

Not that bad

I think it's ok if you know the person, and the person only wore the shoes once or twice . Along with disinfecting and spraying them for foot fungus, they would be ok for you to wear.
—Guest Danny

Stretched for me

I buy nice used shoes because the leather is nicely stretched out. I can wear a size smaller in heels when they been worn before. Off course they have to be in good shape.

Be Responsible

If you never want to wear used shoes, I would expect you to only buy what you plan to wear until it is worn out. Otherwise you are planning to either throw away good shoes, keep what you don't need for yourself, or make someone of "lower station" wear your used shoes. And those options are unbelieveably selfish. I wear used shoes to compensate for selfish people who think they deserve the brand-new stuff all the time and others should accept their leftovers.
—Guest fairshare

Depends if it's Slipper or Shoes

I think it will all depend on whose shoes or slippers u are wearing. If I know the person and know that he/she keeps hygiene when it comes to their body and feet then i have no issues in wearing their footwear. However, in other cases it's yuukkkk...

I do wear & buy them

That's all I buy is used to trashed-out shoes, mainly sneakers. I like the broken in look. As fas as getting fungus or athlete's foot, I use Lysol.
—Guest Matt


I buy everything used. Cuts down on energy usage in production and saves space in the landfill. It's a bit sad that many of you can't get over such a weird paranoia and realize the bigger picture and how reduce REUSE recycle helps the planet.
—Guest lex

Think about this:

You have a problem wearing used shoes but will put a public fork in your mouth at a restaurant? All the more size 7 for me.
—Guest shea shea

Used shoes, Yous bet!

I love used shoes. I have been able to buy shoes that I could never have afforded to own. Designer labels are so nice. As for fungus, wart viruses, smell, etc., my attitude is ... who cares? Ever walk barefoot in the summer on grass or a beach? You are exposed to more viruses and bacteria than you can imagine from all the other people/dogs/cats and the latter two's faeces than you can imagine. I never disinfect used shoes. By the time I buy them, the shoes are dry as a bone, so any bacteria are dead, dead, dead. The designer label is still good, however, and if the shoe fits ... I wear it, baby. Bring on the Guccis!!!
—Guest Ola

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