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Readers Respond: Top Reasons Women Love Shoes

Responses: 34


Of course, it's totally not true that all women love shoes. But the fact remains, a lot of us really do. Why do so many of us women love shoes so much?

Share your reason below.

Indeed Beauty

Because good shoes take us to good places! That's why a lot of women spend a lot.
—Guest SilverDay

Love a good pair of shoes

I would rather have 5 pair of comfortable, well made shoes than 20 pair that hurt my feet. Quality over quantity.
—Guest Guest Mary


I think it is, no matter the women, how beautifully perfect, we are all self concious about our weight, and no matter how out of shape or in shape you are, regardless how all your clothes fit and make you feel, you're sexy shoes will always fit!
—Guest Amanda


I believe that woman think their feet are ugly so they hide them with something pretty, the same we we do with our bodies and our faces. Perhaps it's just the need to accessorize and find a belonging in fashion, I'm 5'4" and only 12 so clearly I'm above average height, taking my age into consideration I've never worn heals casually. I spend hours on Christian Loubotin's site, just wishing. Woman feel the need to be desirable and shoes do that.
—Guest Addie

Shoe Addict

A lady is defined by the shoes she wears! So I say live in them, treasure them, have plenty of them, wear them high!
—Guest Cheyenne

No no no...

A couple of you said that you wear shoes so that you hide your feet, or that women are concious of their feet so they try to hide them with shoes. As a matter of fact, I think they are showing them off with shoes... it's like sexy undearwear on a body, but for feet. There is nothing more pleaseing then looking at woman's correctly proportioned feet. I dont have foot fetish or anything but womens feet are cute.
—Guest ouija

Why I love shoes

I love high heel shoes for a number of reasons. First of all they seem to be the initial attraction from people I encounter. I have received more compliments on my shoes that all other articles of clothing combined. Secondly, 4" or more whether pumps or sandals, forces one to walk at a different gait as opposed to lower heels and/or flats. In all honesty I would have to confess my primary reason for the love of heels is the physological thrill they give when others around me stop to take notice of how I present myself when in public. I distinctly recall on one occasion as I was leaving a restaurant an elderly woman stopped me and remarked "How are you able to walk in such high heels?" Without hesitation I responded; "very carefully."
—Guest VIKKI

Shoes work real magic

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” ― Marilyn Monroe I'm feel like I'm on top'a the world in my shoes:) I can be wearing anything at all..it could be the most boring, dull outfit...but as soon as I put on the right pair of shoes, I become Cinderella. Like magic :) There isn't one pair of heels in my closet that don't work that magic. I always said shoes were the most important part of the outfit :) And yes, shoes and clothes for women have so, so, so much more variety than the mens stuff. Colours, shapes, sizes, fabrics/materials, clasps, buckles, straps, jewels...there's no stopping the creativity with shoes
—Guest AldoIsMyTrueLove

Sliding into my heels

I wear boots most of the winter months, but when it starts to get warm and sunny I bring out my high heel sandals. I love my slides and mules, so easy to slip into, no straps to fasten. I'm tall but that doesnt stop me from wearing 3 and 4 inch heels everyday.


Men have everything--Power, control, dominance in traditional relationships. BUT, Men can never have the joys that women love. The multiple, multiple variety of colors, styles, heel heights, straps, flowers, flats, mules, etc...are all for a woman's choosing. In addition to every other variety of clothing and assessories, women have the upperhand. Women are so lucky, and men are relegated to boring, nothing choices in attire. I love it. Women have it great. And, all of these choices give a woman a great variety of ways to dress, which allows us cornering the market on virtually every component of real life.
—Guest Laura

Must Love Shoes!

Women love shoes so much because it's the only thing that stays the same, whether we gain 20 or we lose 20 pounds our shoes still fit. Their beauty, if taken care of, never waivers. Women are more sensible then men, we can appreciate art and as a result we can appreciate good shoes, both for comfort or appearance.
—Guest sue-nito

Psychological Issue?

I believe it is because most women are embarrassed by their feet. If you think about it, it is not the most beautiful part of the body. Like peacocks, (being aware of that is the male of peafowls "not that it matters") they are ashamed of their legs/feet so they put on a show with their exotic feathers. specially in front of peahens. Now as humans we found ways to add beauty to something not so beautiful. Think about it...
—Guest A dude

I Love Shoe Shopping

I am obsessed with shoes. I probably have more shoes then t-shirts and jeans. There's just something about shoes. I'm waiting on 3 more pairs as we speak. Though, since I have really big feet, shoes that fit are not as plentiful as I would like but still have tons. Truthfully, though I'm sort of not girly and only like flats and sneakers.
—Guest Shoe Lover Girl

I live in heels!

I love high heels! I really do live in them. I wear them all the time. When either at the firm, dancing the night away or simply casually shopping I'm in heels. I'm only 5'3" tall but blessed with a nice bod & incredible rack that constantly turns men's & women's heads. Heels give me the added height that gives the whole package even more power. I have at least 50 pairs & all are 5 inch or higher.
—Guest Sabrina Lovestockings

They are very beautiful objects

Shoes are beautiful objects. Nice shoes are a piece of art. It feels good to hold them, look at them, and most importantly wear them. To me they are like a nice china pot that I can hold and investigate every bit of it. I like to look at it from different view points. I look at my shoe collection in the same way that an art collector looks at her art collection. In addition, I have a much better sense of myself when I wear nice shoes or boots. When I think about my wardrobe full of shoes, I feel safe and satisfied. I love the feeling of buying new shoes, wearing them and then looking at myself in a mirror!
—Guest lily

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