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Readers Respond: Top Reasons Women Love Shoes

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Of course, it's totally not true that all women love shoes. But the fact remains, a lot of us really do. Why do so many of us women love shoes so much?

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Indeed Beauty

Because good shoes take us to good places! That's why a lot of women spend a lot.
—Guest SilverDay

Heels empower women?

That is ridiculous. They slow me down and make me go toe to toe like I'm trying to be sexy. I do not have to TRY to be sexy, I am sexy, because I am a person, and men are drawn to me as a person not because of my sexy ballerina walk in high heels or what not. I've got nothing against sexy heels for a new year's celebration, some fancier type of a party or a wedding, but everyday women who do not live in Manhattan do not need heels. And if in Manhattan I would still wear my flats and sneakers, thank you very much. And I love my shoes, I just love them cute and comfortable.
—Guest eve


I live for shoes. Well, not to the extent I can't live without them, however, having currently 113 pairs in my "shoeseum", with none being less than 6 years old, I am also a curator. Now, there are more eccentric shoe lovers out there than me. I have parameters like "sale only" and have an "out with the old and in with the new" philosphy." But, it's always just been me and the pleasure of the fit. First rule: never buy it if your foot doesn't fill the shoe. Second, buy the clothes to suit the shoe instead of vice verse. Now, that has been the greatest discovery of all for me. I buy clothing keeping my shoes in mind. And, more pleasure is to be found when they make my size 10 look like an 8, barring that I would never allow them to look like a 6, as I would look like I was about to tumble over. It was Diane Keaton who stated that her shoes were her penis. We shoe lovers tend to show ours off crossed legged in the waiting room, out there for everyone to see and share our pride.
—Guest April

Not for the Guys....

A lady asked me if I was wearing heels to attract men. My reply "You poor thing." Women love heels because they're powerful, they give us control over the way we walk, and the shape is just definitely sexy. It's not about what they think, it's about what I think. * I own 11 pairs ranging from Louboutin's to a $7.50 pair I bought on a sale.
—Guest Shy Anne

Shoes shouldn't ruin feet

I like shoes as much as the next woman - OK, maybe a *little* less than some of you here. But, ladies, high heel? Four-inch heels? I don't care how sexy you think they look. You are ruining your feet and your posture.


I remember as a kid having only 2 shoes: school/church...then when I was able to work I began with buying shoes, and to this day, I have about 100. New ones come out each season, and some are not that expensive. They always make me feel good, and its my own little habit that hurts no one, is not that hard on my wallet. I've gotten rid of all my heels, and now have lots of cute flats.
—Guest di

Wish Society Was More Open-Minded

I am a forty-two year old male who enjoys the comfort of women's shoes -- mainly flats... Slipping into them sometimes gives me a confidence boost, and there are so many styles and colors that I understand why a woman would need an entire closet full of them! I am not interested in 'open-toed, four-inch heels', but shoes that draw much less attention... Its just too bad I can't wear them in the workplace, for fear of the consequences -- but around the house or while running errands, I love to!
—Guest Carl

Really Love Shoes

I really love shoes. They just make me happy. Shoes are definitely one of my favourite things to shop for.
—Guest Myrna Johnson Bacchus

Perfect Shoes

I love shoes. I think that they are all perfect. I have always had big-ish feet so when I found my first perfect pair of high heels I felt amazing. They make my feet look smaller and beautiful. I can't express how much I love shoes.
—Guest Guest Person

I can remember...

When I was younger (in the 60s) we always got a new pair of Easter shoes. With 6 kids, that was a stretch for my parents. I was so thrilled I would take them to bed with me. Today, I am in my 50s, and while I don't take my shoes to bed with me (usually!), I do have over 100 pairs. All shapes and types--from beautiful heels to sneakers. I may be older, but without question, my shoes always boost my mood. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get that feeling, and they are always a topic of conversation, and can allow someone to complement you without regard to your size or shape and mean it! To me shoes are like jewelry--endless possibilities for a woman to say who she is and immediately show her style--whatever it may be. Variety is one of the spices of life. (P.S. it doesn't ahve anything to do with our feet being considered ugly--most women I know who believe they have ugly feet don't have many shoes at all--they try and have another focal point in their appearance.
—Guest Andrea

Never Any Guilt

C'mon, let's be honest. Shoes make the outfit. They dress it up or down, but when push comes to shove a great pair of shoes gives you an untouchable attitude and exudes confidence.
—Guest The 253


Women love heels for the effect it has on the men around them. That often subtle and discreet, but always noticeable reaction. I've had men in the workplace compliment me about them in a way that lets me know they would say something far more risque if they could. It's such a power rush and always makes me hot thinking about what my heels put those poor boys through.
—Guest Melissa

Shoes show what we think of ourselves

Women gravitate towards shoes because they represent your standing position in life. Your feet are what keeps you on your toes, so to speak. Its what keeps you moving forward. Shoes also tell a story about the kind of person you are from the feet to your head. It shows what you think of yourself. In the home you may wear slippers. You are telling yourself its time to relax, take it easy, feel at home. When working, depending on the dress code, you go all out to either impress or just feel at ease wearing something more conservative. Feet are our feelings and a good pair of shoes that well made, attractive to look at, and comfortable to wear tell the world what you think of yourself all day long.
—Guest Janine W

Shoes replace men!

Shoes don't talk back where men do. Shoes don't just stand there looking pretty, they make you look and feel beautiful. Shoes go with what YOU want. Shoes are the perfect accessory. And having more shoes than friends is definitely the way to go. Shoes are your best friend and always know how you feel. They don't tell you your gorgeous, but they make everyone else see it. Shoes make you feel good inside and always give you that excitement when you try on a new pair. How much it pains me to say it, choose shoes over chocolate, shoes don't make you fat and you still feel nice. And shoes you can live with your whole life. Shoes always replace men!

Love a good pair of shoes

I would rather have 5 pair of comfortable, well made shoes than 20 pair that hurt my feet. Quality over quantity.
—Guest Guest Mary

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Top Reasons Women Love Shoes

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